Over dinner this evening, Kara and I talked about when we adopted our two current feline companion animals, Winifred and Puck. I knew by heart the date that I brought Freddie home—October 1 is marked on our calendar as “Freddie-versary”—and that, based on a vet’s estimate of her age at the time of adoption, she was probably born on or near April 1.

puck_kitten_tower5However, we both struggled to remember exactly when we brought home our Mister Puck, or why I was so certain that his birthday fell sometime around election day. So I did what any good anal-retentive obsessive-compulsive would do: I went to my office, pulled my packet of tax receipts from fiscal year 2005, went through my old credit card statements, and found the transaction date for the day I paid his adoption fee.

March 6 is now known in our household as “Puck-iversary,” and I feel vindicated for keeping over a decade’s worth of financial records.

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The long wait is ended, friends — Star Trek: Seekers #1 – Second Nature makes its official debut today!


From the back cover:


The late twenty-third century — Starfleet’s golden age of exploration. Desperate to stay one step ahead of its rivals, the Federation sends two starships, the scout Sagittarius and the cruiser Endeavour, to plumb the secrets of the vast region known as the Taurus Reach.


Drawn by mysterious energy readings to a lush green world, the crew of the Sagittarius find the Tomol: a species whose members all commit ritual suicide just as they reach the cusp of adulthood.


The crew of the Sagittarius want to save the Tomol from their cycle of self-destruction, but first they’ll need to save themselves — from the most nefarious Klingon starship commander in history.


Remember, Trek fans, Second Nature is just the first part of the series’ exciting two-part opening story. Its cliffhanger will be resolved in next month’s riveting new release, Star Trek: Seekers #2 – Point of Divergence, by New York Times bestselling author Dayton Ward & acclaimed author and scriptwriter Kevin Dilmore!


Plus, stay tuned for more exciting Seekers news, because our return to Starfleet’s “Golden Age of Exploration” has only just begun….

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I present for your collective edification my updated bibliography:


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Please check your notes before leaving today, as this material will be on next week’s text. That is all. Class dismissed.


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